As the colder months roll around again and the festivities approach, you might get the sense that it’s high time for some winter cleaning. There are a couple of good reasons to get your house clean and de-cluttered in winter before the holidays. Firstly, it’s the time of the year where we spend the most time indoors, and a clean, bright and clear space inside is a great antidote to the cold and dark outside.

Secondly, when we have festivities to prepare for, paying attention to cleaning and de-cluttering can be a good investment that clears the way for the winter activities to go smoothly.

Fires, Furnaces and Chimneys

If you have an open fire or furnace then you’ll most likely have some cleaning to do before you put them into action. The most important thing is to get your chimney checked. Before lighting your first fire of the year, it’s prudent to have a certified professional check your chimney and sweep it if necessary. Being lax in this area runs the risk of a chimney fire, which can cause some serious damage. Cleaning the chimney involves a thorough sweeping, which can be done quickly and will ensure a winter of safe fires and minimal dust and soot in the air inside.

Furnaces also benefit from a professional look-over, but it’s not so essential and you can generally clean them yourself. Winter cleaning for your furnace should involve changing the filters monthly, and it also pays to vacuum the vents periodically, which is easily done when you’re vacuuming the floor in the furnace room.

Washing the Windows

Windows can get sooty and grimy over the winter from lit candles and from the fireplace. Even without candles and fires, it pays to clean them thoroughly to let as much sunlight in as possible during the darker winter months. Use a window cleaning product on the inside of the window and dry it with a soft rag.

Winter Cleaning in Preparation for Festivities

Holiday and Christmas decorating always seems to take longer than we expect.

If you can do some preparatory winter cleaning before you start to put the decorations up, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. De-cluttering family spaces such as living and dining rooms is a good place to start.

Other holiday activities really benefit from a large, clear space – if you’re wrapping presents and writing cards, clearing off a large table or desk and commandeering it for a few days can be a great idea, as it lets you batch those tasks together and build up a head of steam, getting through them in quick succession.

If you’ll be having a Christmas tree, clearing the necessary space goes without saying. It’s a good idea to clean an artificial tree before putting it on display, as they often collect dust and dirt in storage. In fact, after the festivities are over, cleaning an artificial tree and all the other decorations before you put them back in storage is a sensible idea that can help to make things easier for next time.

Winter Cleaning In Preparation for the Holidays
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