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It’s time to hire a Professional Spring Cleaning Service!

YES, it’s that time of year again! As the sun shines into your home, you may notice the dusty, hazy windows and the cobwebs. Maybe you just want that fresh, clean feeling and smell your home has after a thorough spring cleaning. If you don’t have the time, energy or desire to tackle a deep cleaning, consider hiring a professional home cleaning service.

A professional spring cleaning incorporates heavier, more time-consuming chores routine tasks such as deep dusting, cleaning the kitchen (including inside the refrigerator), scrubbing the bathroom and thoroughly vacuuming and washing the floors. In addition to routine cleaning, for example, the service may include washing your windows and moving the furniture to clean in all the nooks and crannies. Carpet cleaning would be the last item on the list and a great way to finish a spring cleaning. At Attention To Detail, LLC, we have long standing relationships with wonderful, professional, window cleaners and carpet cleaners that we have used for years. We can ensure you get connected and get the spring cleaning you are looking for.

Keep in mind, that the term “spring cleaning” doesn’t mean the same thing to every professional cleaning service or to every home owner. Don’t ask for a spring cleaning assuming the company will know exactly what you mean. Make a list of specific tasks that you know need to be done in your home. The professional cleaning service will know what is “routine” to do in a spring cleaning, but you are the home owner and may have some specifics that mean a lot to you to have done.

Plan To Pay More For A Spring Cleaning Service

Rates vary depending on the size of your home, your lifestyle (i.e. how dirty it is!), the accessibility of the surfaces needing to be cleaned, and the overall list of priorities for YOU. The additional “Spring Cleaning” items, required for a “deeper” cleaning, WILL increase the budget necessary. Often, professional cleaning services will set a minimum to make it worth their while to take the job.

Deep cleaning or spring cleaning can double your routine cleaning cost, or more, depending on your home’s specific needs. So, be prepared to pay more, but also know that this will make you feel SO much better AND make your home “healthier”.

Spring Cleaning Service Tips

Smart consumers are always looking for ways to get the most bang for their buck. Consider these tips and tricks to maximize the value of a professional cleaning service:
Pre-clean: Pick up and de-clutter your home prior to the arrival of your cleaning service. Put away clothes and children’s toys. This will free up more time for the cleaning service to focus on deep cleaning.
Get an estimate: Ask for an estimate of the cleaning costs in advance. If possible, arrange an in-house estimate. It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate over the phone.
Provide a checklist: No need to provide a checklist of “basic” house cleaning needs, just those specifics you want additionally. Any reputable company will have a basic checklist they use. Providing your additional checklist, will ensure the company knows what is important to you to have done beyond the “basics”.
Shop around: You don’t need to hire the first cleaning service you come across. Request quotes from a few companies to compare prices. Always be sure you know the “man” or “woman” hours that the service quote breaks down to and be sure that the comparison is “apples to apples”, so to speak. Consider if they are a franchise or locally owned and operated business and how many years they have been in your local area? What are their strengths and their ability to retain staff? Is the company Licensed, Bonded, and Insured? Make sure you also factor the company’s experience and reputation into the final decision. You are letting these people into your home, so due diligence is a must! In the end, in my experience, you DO get what you pay for, so if you want the best service, plan to pay a little more.

If you are ready for a “Spring Cleaning”, please contact Attention To Detail, LLC for a free quote. We look forward to the opportunity serving you and making you feel as though you are our only customer! Locally owned and operated, serving the Seattle and the Puget Sound area for over 35 years!

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It’s Time To Hire a Professional Spring Cleaning Service!
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