Summer is one of the busiest seasons for families. This can make house-cleaning schedules especially tough to keep up with. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your summer cleaning this year.

1. Keep a schedule. Schedules can help you better prepare for your summer, and thus give you a better idea on when it is appropriate to tackle big summer projects and when it isn’t. Cleaning schedules are also great to help you prioritize chores and mark off jobs that you have done.

2. Take advantage of the Season. Late summer is relatively a slower season for cleaning companies. Take advantage of the slow time and get a good discount for some good, hard, deep cleaning.

3. Spray down the patio and door tracks. Since summer is often an “open-door” season, it is a great time to tackle patio and sliding door tracks with your cleaning. Use a hose to spray down the patio. A great tip to cleaning out your sliding door tracks is to use a screwdriver inside a damp rag and run it along the track to get all the debris and buildup out.

4. Clean your washing machine and dishwasher. A lot of times we don’t think about cleaning our washing machines or dishwashers, but they do need to be cleaned every so often to keep them up-to-par. It’s also a good time to look for any buildup or cracks or bulges in hoses. Replace anything that shows sign of cracking.

5. De-clutter your home. Go from room to room and see if there are any items you are holding on to that you don’t actually need. Hold a garage sale and make a little money off the items, or donate the items to a charity. De-cluttering is a great way to free up space and keep your home looking its cleanest.

6. Touchup areas of the home. Do you have any touch-up jobs on your decks, siding, or the trim of your home? Summertime is the perfect time to take care of this.

7. Include extra cleaning assignments in your chore rotation. If you already have a schedule in place where you clean certain parts of your home on certain days, or tackle the whole home on one day, be sure to include your summer chores in with that schedule so everything is cleaned in rotation. Things to consider are lawn care, gardening or weeding, spraying down your deck, cleaning out your fire pit, and more. Some of these chores will need to be done on a weekly or monthly basis until the fall or winter season hits.

Staying On Top Of Your Summer Cleaning
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