What To Keep In Mind:

Keep in mind if you hire someone because they are “cheaper” again you get what you pay for. Not only are your belongings important to you but most importantly your family’s safety “children, pets, etc. Always do your research contact some of their clients that they are still cleaning for. Keep in mind, people give fake information and have people cover for them. My reason for telling you this is not to scare you but to inform you of the potential dangers out there. This could leave you, your home, and your family vulnerable.

State Taxes & Liability

Whether it’s an individual or a team, make sure they are paying State Taxes because if anyone gets injured in your home they can sue you. You could also be liable for income taxes to be paid to the state. This individual that is not running a legal company is actually your employee, you are responsible for paying all the taxes to the State and claim them. Is it worth it to hire someone just because you’re going to save a few dollars?

In the long run, it could be a risky thing to do and something you might realize after it’s too late. There are many reliable honest cleaning companies out there that are following all the guidelines that are required of them by the State and the IRS. This is one reason fees are higher than the individual that is not paying any of those required tax’s that is why their prices are so cheap. Buyer Beware!

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Why It’s Important to Hire the Right Cleaning Company?
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