Common Cleaning Mistake #1: Windows
It might seem like common sense to want to be out washing windows (and getting wet in the process) when its really nice and sunny outside, but really hot days tend to cause streaking. Streaks happen when the water dries out, so sunny days tend to cause windows to dry very quickly – hence, the streaks.

What to Do Instead:
The obvious response is to clean your windows on a less sunny day. Other great solutions include using a microfiber cloth or squeegee. Microfiber still coats the window with cleaning solution, but there won’t be splashes left on the windows that will cause a streak. Once you wipe the window with the microfiber cloth, go over it again with a squeegee to complete the job.

Common Cleaning Mistake #2: Stains
When we spill something that will leave a stain one of our first responses is to scrub that stain out. Scrubbing stains, however, causes worse damage in most cases. Scrubbing more often than not will ingrain the stain further in to the fibers of the fabric or carpet.

What to Do Instead:
Don’t scrub the stain, dab it instead. Use a clean towel press down on the stain. Start dabbing or blotting at it, being careful not to rub the stain in further. Once most of the stain is free, than you can follow the directions of the stain remover of your choice. Sometimes this means spraying directly on the stain, other times spraying a clean cloth. When you use the cleanser, however, continue to dab at the stain and not rub it in.

Common Cleaning Mistake #3: Bathtub Cleansers
A lot of us use tough bathtub cleansers, like Ajax or Comet, to clean our showers and tubs. While they do a great job getting rid of scum, they also are hard on our tubs. These types of abrasive cleaners have granulated powders that actually damage tubs, by scuffing up porcelain and taking off the glaze.

What to Do Instead:
Instead of using an abrasive cleanser, try a more gentle option. There are milder shower sprays that work great in cutting down mildew and scum, and they won’t scuff up your shower in the process. Many shower sprays you simply have to spray down the shower after you bathe, and you are done.

Common Cleaning Mistake #4: Furniture Polish
Furniture polish often instructs individuals to spray the polish on the furniture, and then wipe with a clean towel. What people don’t know is that spraying directly on furniture can cause a sticky buildup. It is harder to judge the amount of spray you actually need when you spray down the entire table, for example. Too much polish can lead to buildup on your furniture.

What to Do Instead:
A better option than spraying furniture polish directly on the object is to spray the cloth you are using to dust. This uses less polish, you won’t have to buff as much, and is a much more effective option. Microfiber dusters also work great on dusting furniture, and you can skip the furniture spray completely.

Common Cleaning Mistakes You Might Not Know About
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